NBU Ignite 3.0 jolts youth with tools to overcome career challenges

Business Incubation and youth training centre, the No Business as Usual Hub has through its Ignite Seminar charged Youth in Asokore Mampong to look beyond stereotypes of the predominantly Zango occupied   municipality to make meaningful marks as they launch into their careers.

With just three episodes, ‘Ignite’ has turned out a formidable platform inspiring young people in the Asokore Mampong Municipality to take on productive career paths.

The youth sharpening platform funded by the European Union with support from the SOS Children’s Village and the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly aims at tackling the teething challenge of youth unemployment in the Municipality.

Ignite 3.0 brought on board Mr.Bashiru Shehu Mohammed, Educationist, Entrepreneur and Assistant Headmaster of the NurulAmeen SHS.

The seminar also hosted Veteran Media Personality, Entrepreneur, Farmer and Vice President of the Ghana Youth Climate Coalition, Mr. Hakeem Haruna.

Mr.Bashiru Shehu Mohammed inspired the youth to do a good assessment of their strengths and weaknesses and weigh themselves intelligently to Opportunities and Threats that come their way in life. He further used the Acronym FOCUS to take the youth through the various qualities they need to adopt to ride through the various tides of life to live wealthy and impactful lives.

Mr. Hakeem Haruna used his experiences in radio, the mines, farming, transport business and other corporate portfolios; to teach the young participants not to settle for mediocrity and the status quo, if they really wanted to be counted out among the lot.

Speaking to Ultimate News on the sidelines of the event, Mr. Shehu Mohammed refuted the argument raised by several youth about the nonexistence of opportunities in Ghana blaming it largely on selfishness and unwillingness to form meaningful partnerships.

He told reporter Ivan Heathcote – Fumador, “Quite a number of the youth do not believe they must have partnerships. You cannot start a business alone. You look for someone who has an idea, another who has time and resources and someone who has the finance and you can come together to start up something.”

Participants who were jolted to take on their destinies without excuses took the opportunity to ask questions and establish right networks for their aspirations.

By:Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Ivan Heathcote – Fumador