“Corrupt politicians have condemned their children to political prison” – A/R Minister

The Ashanti regional minister Simon Osei Mensah has sounded a word to all corrupt politicians; foretelling that their children will not be spared the full brunt of their corrupt actions.

The regional minister was speaking at the launch of a Multi Stakeholder business Integrity Forum by anticorruption agency, the Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) in Kumasi.

Mr Osei Mensah recounted the lineage of successive ministers and presidents of Ghana and how the conducts of their relatives in office impacted on their political fortunes.

He expatiated, “Take former president Kuffour. His family members have been part of the people who formed the U.P. If you take Allan Kyeremanteng, his father built the cultural centre in Kumasi. If you take our current president his father, uncle and grandfather were politicians. If you take former President Mahama his father was a minister. If you take the current vice president, his father was a minister.”

“You go through and the political path that their earlier relatives chatted is what they are going to inherit. If former president Mahama’s father had done anything wrong, he will be accused of it. Your father did A, B and C and you want to be president. If president Nana Addo’s father, grandfather and uncle did anything wrong, he would have inherited that wrong doing and it would have been used against him. If you go to the Bush family, it is same,”“So those of us whose families are not political families and have had the opportunity to join the political train; we have to build the integrity for our future generations,” he added.

Mr Simon Osei Mensah insisted corrupt politicians have already condemned their future generations to political prisons.

“The moment we fail, we fail our generations; we fail our communities and fail our country. But people don’t look at these things. They are so myopic and think about their selfish interests today and condemn their next generations to political prison.”

By:Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Ivan Heathcote – Fumador /Sandrah Adade