Be Professional in Your Work – MTN urges MoMo Agents

Mobile money (MoMo) agents who operate on the MTN network have been admonished to be professional in the discharge of their services to clients.

These agents, who are considered front-liners in assisting and educating individuals on mobile transfers and transactions on the MoMo platform, have been encouraged to treat their customers with respect and courtesy.

According to the General Manager for Mobile Financial Services at MTN Ghana, Eli Hini, acting professionally will go a long way to enhance their customer care resolve.

Although a strict research has not been conducted into how poor customer service, on the part of MoMo agents affect service delivery entirely, there are snippets of complaints about some vendors.

Mr. Hini told Ultimate Business: “The role of the MoMo agent is to offer the service to customers and also educate them about the service. Now we expect that they will help customers to understand the service so that they don’t get exposed, because we all know the danger associated with fraud.”

He further mentioned that: “We want our agents to be courteous to the customer because at the end of the day, customers have choices. Today they’re using mobile money because mobile money is serving a need. Before, they were doing something else so if we don’t protect this service environment, the customer will change.”

“MTN also wants our agents to show professionalism; that way customers will like to stay with the service and we’ll be able to deepen financial inclusion.”

Eli Hini revealed all these when MTN Ghana organized a special awards night on Saturday December 15 at the Golden Tulip Kumasi City, to celebrate all of its hardworking and dedicated mobile money agents in the northern sector.

Some winners took home LED television sets, motorcycles, branded souvenirs, mobile phones, certificates of recognition and a Hyundai i10 saloon car which went to the overall best agent.

MTN’s mobile money subscription base has ballooned to more than 6.2 million active users, over 75,000 agents and some 26 partner banks nationwide.

By:Ghana/ Ama Bonsu