Incorrigible Nature of Ghanaians, Genetic – Asamoah Yaw

A senior statesman, author and former local government administrator in the 1970’s Asamoah Yaw has argued that the prevalence of indiscipline and bad ethic of the black race including Ghanaians is genetic.

Mr. Asamoah Yaw made the point that certain cells within blacks, limit their absorption of information making it virtually impossible for most to think productively.

Speaking to host Julius Caesar Anadem on the Ultimate Breakfast, he opined that this genetic abnormality is to blame for ill attitudes exhibited by Ghanaians towards sanitation, corruption, work ethic and nationalism.

“In my book Most by Nature, I have demonstrated that the poor behaviour of black people all over the world not just in Africa shows that our brain is not efficient enough like other non-black people.”

“Our behaviour is genetic because if you take about a million Ghanaians or a million black people, you will hardly get one or two who behaves like the non blacks. We are not capable of simple human rationality and I think there is something wrong with our neurons.”

He made analogies of leaders in Ghana and their psyche while in office.

“If you look at a typical Ghanaian politician, he became an MP because of personal interest. I can’t believe that last week, in parliament out of the 275 people, only 15 attended parliamentary hearing and they are paid with public money.”

“Go to courts, go to schools, look at our professors, our behaviour is typically inhumane and it is unbelievable that if you asked that person they will say so what? Indiscipline and lawlessness! The police supposed to enforce the laws don’t care. Parliamentarians keep making and breaking laws. Black people in public places are only there for their personal interest. They are not for the public and I am telling you this is genetic,” he fumed.

Asamoah Yaw is proposing a medical solution to the black race; to elevate our intellectual capacities.

He pointed to a certain neuron melanin found in the nerves of most black people including the brain organ.

I have asked so many scientists, many doctors, neurologists and it is true that black people’ brains are covered with neuron melanin.”

In the senior statesman’s opinion, “Genetic engineering is a specialized area of medicine and it is possible someone can create a medicine which when black people drink can clean our neurons including the brain.

By: Ghana/ Heathcote-Fumador