“Centralized admission will open system to political manipulation” – Prof. Marfo

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology chapter of the university teachers association of Ghana UTAG have indicated that admissions into public universities will be froth with political manipulations if the new draft public universities bill, goes ahead to make university admissions centralized.

The contentious bill proposes a central admissions system where an external body will be responsible for receiving applications to universities and directly involved in the sorting and allocation of applications.

The Education Ministry has argued that this system will save parents the cost of having to buy separate forms for more than one university for their wards.

But speaking to host Julius Caesar Anadem on the Ultimate Breakfast Show, the vice president of the KNUST branch of UTAG, Professor Charles Marfo contended that universities per their different objectives and administrative procedures cannot be boxed together under a centralized system.

“I don’t want to undermine any university but we all know that there are high class categorized universities and we can’t do things the same way. I know UNER does on point admissions and it is a smart idea because they are a new university and they want to populate their campus and this is what they have decided to do. If KNUST decides to do that, we will have about forty thousand students but do we have the facilities to do that?” he questioned.

“If you leave anything in the hands of the politicians, they will exploit it for their personal interests. In the Senior High School, admissions system, they will not tell you but I know schools that have been forced to take people with aggregate 58,” he added with worry.

Professor Charles Marfo contended that the only solution will be for government to scrap buying of forms and rather replace it with processing fees to be charged on qualified and admitted students.

He insisted that his membership will seriously consider making this point clear in any communiqué it will advance on their positions on the Public Universities Bill.

By:Ghana/Ultimatefmonline.com/106.9FM/Ivan Heathcote – Fumador